The latest digital release from Staalklang is now available at all major digital distributors. Check it out at Spotify.


This marks the third and final release of the Loneliness of a Polar Expedition series. 



Hi and Welcome to my homepage


The idea of this page is to showcase some of my music and invite you to explore my music further on youtube facebook & bandcamp


Most of my music is composed using my Eurorack Modular system, then adding some guitars afterwards. I am especially fond of a genre called ambient and within this genre I try to create music that have both harmony and structure. Most of my music starts out as generative music. This implies every note is chosen at random within a framework I program. Working with modular synthesizers in this way is very rewarding and fun. The melodic side is sometimes tweaked within the sequencers and frames of the modular synthesizer. This humanizes the music somehow and creates the illusion of structure and order when all there really exists are random voltages going everywhere


I hope you enjoyed this musical journey and wish to listen to it some more. Feel free to visit my other sites on the internet







My ambient concept album serie (of now 2 parts) portraying The Loneliness of a Polar Expedition. Was recently featured at bandcamp as album of the day. Here is what they had to say about it. Oddly enough part 2 were released on March 01 2021.



“An adjective that pops up often in firsthand accounts of the North and South Poles is “otherworldly,” frozen landscapes that seem distant enough to be alien. It’s only fitting, then, that Bergen’s Staalklang should start a concept album about a polar expedition with “Arrival,” a track that sounds more like the landing of an interstellar vessel than the docking of a wooden ship on a freezing sea. These opening guitar and synthesizer arpeggios slowly give way to the sighing winds and sustained bass drones of “The Ice Speak,” rooting the listener firmly in an unknown environment of ice crystal cathedrals and towering snowdrifts built by frigid winds. It’s hard not to listen to this album and not feel the cold, the loneliness, and, well, the “Desolation” of an explorer on the titular expedition. It’s a work as bleak and beautiful as the environment to which it pays tribute.”


Robert Newsome – Bandcamp Dailly March 01 2021